Australia Day

January 23, 2021

Why do we celebrate Australia Day?

Australian states territories use the name “Australia Day” to mark 26 January. From 1994 did Australian states and territories start celebrate Australia Day consistently as a public holiday on this day. January 26, 1788 is the say when Captain Arthur Phillip landed on Australian soil with first Fleet of British ships and raising the British flag at Sydney Cove just to claim New South Wales as a Colony of British. This day marks the beginning of a brutal colonization of people and land. Many peoples of Australia refer to January 26 as “Invasion Day.” The controversy has led to growing push to change the date of this country’s national celebration to another day without the historical baggage. Few former British colonies still celebrate their national day on the actual day of colonization.

How do Aussies celebrate Australia Day?

In Australia peoples celebrate the day differently, People’s from Sydney has boat races including a ferry race and tall ships race, while Adelaide celebrates this day with a parade, fireworks, concert, and a cricket match. Australian citizenship ceremonies are often held on this day.

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