January 21, 2021

What is music?

Music is a form of an art that uses sound organized in time. Most music includes playing musical instruments or people singing with their voices, such as the guitar, piano, drums or violin. The music word comes from the Greek, which means “art” of the Muses. The Composition of music is to perform for different purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, ceremonial or religious purposes and also an entertainment product for the market place. Music came first. And the language part came later. The music developed first and provides the foundation from a developmental standpoint and evolutionary for language acquisition. Music is an art of combining emotional expression, instrumental and vocal sounds for or beauty of form, usually according to cultural standards of melody, rhythm and in most Western music, harmony. Complex electronic composition and the Simple folk song that’s belong to the same activity.

How good is music?

According to the latest Research that when music is played blood flows more easily. It can also reduce heart rate, decrease cortisol, lower blood pressure, (stress) levels and most important they increase serotonin and endorphin levels of the blood. It elevates the people’s mood. Music can also boost the brain’s production of the hormone dopamine. If people’s want to keep their brain engaged throughout the aging process, playing music or listening is a great tool. Music provides a total brain workout. We can reduce anxiety by listening to music, improve sleep quality and pain as well, mood, memory, mental alertness.

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